"Korvet" internal beadlocks

Bead Locking System for low pressure wheels

In offroad conditions, on soft grounds, low pressure wheels has bigger area of contact and higher traction. However, tire pressure lower than 18 psi run the risk of the tire either rotating on the rim, allowing the tire to pop a bead, completely deflate, and come off the rim. "Korvet" Internal Bead Lock holds BOTH tire beads firmly on the rim.

System is very ajustable. Always keep inner tube of beadlock inflated to high pressure. Inflate tire to standart pressure, and you can drive on highway at high speed as long as you need. Just deflate tire, and you have advanced offroad performance without risk of tire come off.

Choose size and buy

We are real manufacturers.

Product is 100% original.

As result of evolution since 2008, design is unique, different from any other brands.

Due to feedback from offroad racers, design is improving constantly to reach ultimate durability and reliability.

Long life, up to 5 times more comparing to another manufacturers.

Wide range of sizes available.

Worldwide shipping.

Choice of racers from many countries, including EU, USA and Russia.

Where to use beadlocks?

  • Coastal Sand
  • Desert Sand
  • Rocks
  • Mud
  • Snow
  • ATV racing
  • Offroad car racing
  • Offroad expedition

Why beadlocks?

  • Increases performance of offroad car on soft grounds.
  • Doesn't affects wheel balance.
  • Road legal.
  • Compatible with regular tubeless rims and tires. No special rims required.
  • Prevents tire taking off.
  • Both bead secure.
  • Pressure is ajustable in wide range.
  • Pneumatic.
  • Lightweight.
  • Increases tire life.

Which modifications should i do with my wheels?

You have to drill additional hole in your rim for inner tube valve. Exact hole diameter is important to prevent air leak.

How to choose beadlock size?

Beadlocks are specified by diameter and width in inches.
Diameter and width of beadlock should match dimensions of rim, as shown on the picture.
For example, 16x8 beadlock has 16 inch diameter and 8 inch width.

Should i order beadlock with inner tube?

Inner tubes are absolutely necessary to use with our beadlocks. You can order beadlocks with inner tubes, or order beadlocks only and buy inner tubes locally.

Our beadlocks are designed to be installed inside tubeless tires, and inner tubes should be installed inside beadlocks. No exclusions.

We provide standart tubes (11mm valve diameter) and tubes with reinforced valves (15mm valve diameter) for ultimate reliability.

How to mount beadlocks

Disclaimer. We are not related to author of this video. Beadlocks shown in this video are not our brand. Video provided just to show mount process.