Terms and conditions

"We" in this terms means the administrator of this website, and payment recipient shown in PayPal transaction related to any order made on this website.

"Customer" in this terms means the payer shown in PayPal transaction related to thier order made on this website. We use email of customer's PayPal account to identify the customer, and to contact them.

Purpose of this website https://korvetbeadlocks.com is selling products directly from the manufacturer with international shipping.

All orders are covered by PayPal buyer protection.

We ship to address specified in customer's PayPal account only.

Prices shows in currency depending on selected country. Prices for different countries may be the same or different.

Prices may be changed at any time due to currency coversion rates and other reasons.

We don't ship to countries that are not included in our list of allowed countries.

If country dosen't present in the list on the "Buy" web page, we don't ship to this country.

Processing of order begins after 100% payment only. We provide tracking number in 5 days from the date of payment.

If customer want to change/cancel order before it has been shipped, customer must contact us by email.

Usually this website calculates final shipping cost automatically. If the automatic calculation was incorrect, we will inform customer by email before shipping. We can change final shipping cost. Customer can pay extra shipping cost, or cancel the order with 100% refund.

Shipping usually takes random amount of days, depends on choosen shipping method, national holidays and many other reasons. We are not responsible to shipping time.

Shipping insurance is included in shipping cost. If items will be lost during transit, we will do refund. Processing of the case may take up to 12 months from the date of application, due to international post procedures.

Customer have to respond to our emails, to confirm list of items and shipping address. In other case we are eligible to cancel the order with 100% refund.

No returns and no refunds for shippings if everything matches the description and proper quality.

All taxes and duties are on customer side. If customer needs some extra documentation for thier customs office, etc., he must contact us before place any order.

If shipped items has production defects, customer must provide proofs - photo, video, etc. We will make refund or duplicate shipping, depending on customer's request.

In case of mismatch between tracking information and information from the customer, we trust to tracking information.

No warranty about this website function.

We are eligible to cancel any order with 100% refund without explaination.

Customer must be ready to provide some pictures, videos, social network page, etc. by our request as a proof to thier relation to offroad activity.

This website detects country of visitor by visitor's IP address, to improve user experience.

This website doesn't use cookies related to domain https://korvetbeadlocks.com. Third part services, like PayPal, Google and other, can use thier own cookies during visit to this site.

Web server (backend) of this site doesn't recieve and doesn't collect any personal data of visitors. All personal data processing, including shipping address and payer name, there is on PayPal web servers, and on frontend (in visitor's device) of this website only.

Placing order on this website, customer agrees this Terms and conditions without exclusions.